Providing best care.

We are commitment to World-Class Animal Care and Handling. We are incredibly proud of several of our animal welfare initiatives including:

Sitting on various poultry boards and industry groups and helping frame new regulation in this space.

Compliance with Confidence – Our animal welfare training records are up to date… always. We prove it by sending our customers a link where they can check for themselves every day.

Data Analytics – We collect detailed animal welfare data on every load and are able to harness this for benchmarking, bonus programs, and studies tailored to each customer for which we haul and catch.

Internal Audits designed and conducted quarterly to meet our rigorous standards as well as requirements and certifications of our customers.

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One of our Core Values is "Accountability to All" - the "All" here includes the animals we’re transporting in the same breath as our providers (what we call our employees), customers, growers, and industry partners.